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Johnson & Johnson Recalls Infant Tylenol

Written by Ankin Law Office

Johnson & Johnson has recalled all infant Tylenol sold in the United States based on reports from some parents that there are problems with the redesigned bottles.  The new bottles were introduced at the end of 2011 with the goal of providing enhanced safety measures and easier dosage measuring tools.  But according to this article by CBS News, many parents and caregivers have complained that the protective cover on top of the bottles doesn’t work properly.  Instead of limiting the amount of medicine that is drawn into a plastic syringe, as intended, the cover pushes into the bottle when the syringe is inserted.  The plastic syringe has an opening in the tip, but no needle since it is intended to squirt medicine into the baby’s mouth.

Although babies are particularly vulnerable to excessive doses of medicine, Johnson & Johnson has not received any reports of any babies or infants harmed by the product.

Johnson & Johnson has been plagued by product recalls in recent years, with its McNeil Consumer Healthcare unit issuing approximately 25 product recalls since September 2009, in addition to the 574,000 bottles of grape-flavored, liquid Infants’ Tylenol that were included in this recall.

More recently, Johnson & Johnson had recalled approximately 12 million bottles of its popular pain reliever, Motrin, due to concerns that the Motrin IB pills may not dissolve and begin working as quickly as intended, resulting in delayed pain relief, as the pills approach their three-year expiration date.  The recall only affected Motrin IB from retailers, and not those in the hands of consumers, since there is no safety risk.

The CBS News article included the following statement by Johnson & Johnson’s CEO William Wledon: “Today’s news about the Infants’ Tylenol recall is clearly disappointing after all the progress that McNeil has been making to ensure its products meet the highest level of quality and consumer satisfaction.”

The company has changed the bottle’s design to make it easier to get the correct dose and to limit spillage if the bottle is knocked over.  Consumers are advised that it is safe to continue using the infant Tylenol if the bottle’s flow restrictor remains intact.

Consumers can also request a refund by contacting McNeil at 1-888-222-6036 or

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