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“Practice makes perfect”
The Ankin Law commercial that went viral.

December 17, 2021

Whether you are advertising for a business or a law firm, the challenge is the same. You first have to grab the attention of the reader or listener before you can deliver your message. Doable? With an effective strategy and budget? Yes. Challenging? You better believe it.

At Ankin Law, we rely on a media mix of television, radio, billboards, posters, and bus wraps to get our message out. And like many businesses in 2022, a large portion of our marketing budget is also devoted to digital and keyword advertising.

In the spring of this year, we made some TV commercials with Chicago White Sox Shortstop Tim Anderson for NBC Sports. The commercial shoot went really well, and we were able to edit a couple of strong 15 and 30-second spots that rotated during White Sox games. As the baseball season moved from May to June and July, it became clear that the White Sox were a team headed to the post season. And Tim Anderson was a big reason why.

The White Sox did indeed clinch the Central Division, and we were thrilled to be connected to such a talented team and player. We also had an idea for a post-season commercial using what we had already filmed. Back in May, there were a number of unused shots and re-takes. We had enough material to create a “blooper commercial” alongside the actual commercial, and “Practice makes perfect” was born.

The Rule of Seven

Marketers need an average of seven contacts (or touches, impressions, or interactions) to turn a prospective buyer into an actual buyer. This rule holds true whether you are selling bread of legal services. Through experience, marketers have learned that a single contact with a prospect is rarely enough to make them fall for your product and buy it on the spot. A handful of interactions usually doesn’t do the job, either. At some point in the past, a group of marketers discovered that seven contacts were ideal for driving purchasing.

“Practice makes perfect” meets the rule of 7. It’s first iteration as a commercial but was then executed as an outdoor board, display ad, and pre-roll online commercial. And it still does well on YouTube. With this wide variety, and number of executions, we were able to achieve the rule of 7 with “Practice makes perfect.”


Watch “Practice makes perfect”

What didn’t we expect? That this single 30-second commercial would blow up on YouTube. Most marketers will salivate at the thought of an idea for a product or service blowing up on a social media platform. Think Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice Cocktail and the skateboarder last year. Fleetwood Mac jumped back up on the Billboard singles chart 43 years after the song was recorded and Ocean Spray Cranberry juice sales got a big boost.

Our commercial began getting shared as well. First on YouTube and Facebook and then onto TikTok where it blew up. When it finally started to slow down after a couple of weeks, impressions topped off over 217,000. Not bad for a personal injury law firm.

In today’s digital environment, there are more ways than ever to deliver marketing content, especially with video and social media. Even lawyers and athletes can deliver funny, memorable performances. Will people call when they are injured as a result of this work? Hopefully, yes. Will they remember our name? Definitely.

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