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It’s important to have underinsured/uninsured coverage

Written by Ankin Law Office

Eliminating doubt about coverage

When Illinois motorists take to the streets, they place an incredible amount of trust in the other motorists with whom they share the roads. Unfortunately, many of these motorists do not live up to expectations and they fail to have the same consideration for others. In some situations, motorists are injured in accidents with other drivers who do not have any or enough insurance coverage to cover all of their medical expenses and costs associated with the injury. In this case, if a driver does not have underinsured or uninsured coverage, there is nothing that even the best car accident lawyer can do to help them find relief for their damages.

Uninsured a widespread problem

Forty-nine states and the District of Columbia all require motorists to have insurance coverage. However, this compulsory law has not been enough to eliminate the need for uninsured motorist protection. The Insurance Information Institute estimates that 12.6 percent of motorists on the nation’s roads were uninsured in 2012. It also estimates that Illinois had a 13.3 percent rate of uninsured motorists that year. Since the economic downturn in 2009, as many as 82 percent of drivers who do not insure their vehicles cite an inability to pay as the greatest hurdle to purchasing coverage.

Underinsured motorists

When drivers have purchased insurance coverage but the amount of coverage does not cover the amount needed to make an injured party whole, the accident victim may seek to use their own underinsured motorist policy. These policies proved victims with the same perks as regular insurance, such as medical benefits, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

The amount of coverage matters

Like other insurance, uninsured and underinsured coverage amounts vary and individuals can seek the amount of coverage that they believe would be both financially practical and beneficial in case an accident does occur. Coverage often begins quite low, so it is important for motorists to think about the costs associated with an accident and how quickly that money may be used. Unfortunately, no one knows whether they will be involved in a severe, life-altering accident, or whether the other party who caused their accident will have enough coverage to carry all of the costs associated with the crash. Motorists can take the guesswork out of the situation by purchasing their own coverage in smart amounts that make sense to their situation.

Those who have been injured in a motor vehicle accident can seek and receive the compensation they need with the aid of an experienced Illinois personal injury attorney. When cases involve uninsured or underinsured parties, it is best for victims to have an advocate who knows the law and can put that knowledge to work on their behalf.