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Is Your Gym Safe?

Written by Ankin Law Office

Going to the gym can result in a variety of minor and severe injuries, even death, from malfunctioning gym equipment, untrained fitness instructors, and health hazards.

Staying Safe at the Gym

Injuries in gyms and health clubs are commonly caused by exercise equipment with moving parts, overhead attachments, and heavy weights that malfunction, as well as unqualified trainers and unsanitary conditions. Each year, thousands of people who head to the gym for a fitness workout end up in the hospital emergency room or doctor’s office with painful injuries and infections.

Gym injuries and health hazards seen by lawyers in Chicago range from minor sprains and pulled muscles to serious head trauma. Common gym injuries include:

  • finger, hand, and wrists sprains
  • pulled muscles and torn ligaments
  • fractured and broken bones
  • chest and back injuries
  • slipped disc and spinal cord damage
  • neck and head trauma

Malfunctioning Equipment

In a busy gym, hundreds of people use fitness equipment on a daily basis. The normal wear and tear to equipment often lead to malfunction and a higher risk of injury. Slip and fall accidents on moving treadmills and mishaps with heavy weights and barbells cause severe injuries. Falling on a moving treadmill often results in cracked teeth, chin and facial lacerations, fractured or broken bones, and head trauma. Weight machines with frayed cables often lead to torn ligaments, finger and hand injuries, and crushed limbs.

Untrained Instructors

Without a certified fitness instructor or personal trainer, inexperienced people are at high risk for personal injuries. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, using improper form or choosing the wrong exercises or equipment is one of the most common reasons for gym injuries. A certified instructor or trainer assesses a person’s special needs and risks based on existing health conditions and level of physical stamina and fitness to avoid injuries.

Health Hazards

Gyms and health clubs are breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. Wet areas like swimming pool decks, hot tubs, and showers are filled with fungi, bacteria, and viruses. Bacteria can easily thrive on locker room floors, benches, used towels, and sweaty weights and equipment. To avoid germs, doctors recommend using hand sanitizer or frequent hand washing and wearing flip-flops or sandals to prevent athlete’s foot, toenail fungus, and bacterial infections.

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