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Stickman Daily Law Bulletin

September 17, 2013

Ankin Law Office deploys Stickman to attract clients

By Jenn Ballard
Law Bulletin staff writer

On his way to the pharmacy, Stickman avoids three potential accidents—getting hit by a pile of bricks, a car sticking him and tripping on a crack in the sidewalk.

His luck runs out when a distracted pharmacist gives him the wrong prescription, causing his head to more than double in size when he takes the medicine.

This isn’t a scene from a children’s cartoon.

It’s part of Ankin Law Office LLC’s new advertising campaign, which features a cartoon character getting hurt in a variety of way that can lead to lawsuits.

“I’m confident we’ve discovered a better way to communicate, where to turn when you’ve experienced an injury,” said Howard H. Ankin, owner and partner at Ankin Law Office.

“Ant it was time for a campaign that focuses on the client and not just the lawyer.”

The campaign features both TV and print ads starring Stickman, the cartoon character used to represent the client in the different scenarios. The first television spot aired Sept. 2; they’re running on the WBBM Channel 2, WLS Channel 7, WGN channel 9 and on WCIU Channel 26.

The firm created five 30-second commercials based on cases Ankin has handled.

“It helps the public know or become more aware of what a personal-injury lawyer is,” Ankin said. “These commercials basically illustrate the types of cases that a personal injury lawyer handles.”

In “Read End Collision—Personal Injury,” Stickman stops properly behind the line at a railroad crossing but is rear-ended by the car behind him.

In “Injured at Work,” Stickman suffers arm injuries when he’s lifting a heavy package while working on a loading dock.

In “Workers’ Compensation,” Stickman falls into a hole while working on a construction site but is supported by the two 2-by-4s that he’s carrying. Then, he suffers leg injuries due to a forklift.

While Stickman is standing in the road taking pictures of a fender bender between his car and a cab, in “Hit and Run—Personal Injury,” he’s hit by a truck.

Each commercial closes with the tag line: “For injury law, the choice is simple,” followed by the firm’s name and phone number.

Ankin, who has practiced personal-injury law for two decades, said he wanted to “create more of a public service announcement.”

“Consumers have grown tired of the typical personal-injury lawyer ‘Injured? Call me,’ commercials,” he said. “Lawyers need to provide more upscale advertising for the public.”

Click on the link to see the full Stickman Daily Law Bulletin

Last week, the Ankin Law Office attended a viewing party at Resolution Studios to celebrate the completion of the Stickman campaign.