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EA Sports Seeks Removal from NCAA Antitrust Lawsuit

Written by Ankin Law Office

Last month, several current NCAA football players joined a lawsuit against the NCAA and Electronic Arts (EA Sports) and Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC), seeking a share of the revenue generated by the NCAA’s deals with television networks and videogame makers. In the lawsuit, current and former NCAA players accuse the NCAA and EA Sports of illegal price fixing by prohibiting players from receiving a portion of the proceeds obtained from the players’ names, likenesses, and images in video games and other products.

Just last week, EA Sports asked that it be allowed to file a motion seeking its dismissal from the case. In its request, EA Sports argued that it was merely following the NCAA’s rules and shifted blame onto the NCAA. Judge Wilken, who is presiding over the case, set a hearing for September 5 on the issue and shortly thereafter the NCAA filed a request that it also be allowed to file a motion seeking its dismissal from the case. Additionally, the NCAA asked Judge Claudia Wilken move the hearing scheduled for September 5 up to August 22.

Federal antitrust laws prohibit certain trade practices, such as collusion among competitors for the purpose of price fixing, and other illegal pricing schemes. Antitrust claims are often brought as class action lawsuits because of the large number of plaintiffs and the complexity of the cases. The plaintiffs in this case are, in fact, seeking class certification and the defendants have requested that a decision be made regarding their dismissal requests prior to a decision on class certification.

If the plaintiff class is certified, the NCAA lawsuit could potentially include thousands of current and former college athletes. Class certification could put pressure on the NCAA to settle the lawsuit in order to avoid potentially large financial damages tied to television revenues, which, according to ESPN, account for more than 90 percent of the money at stake in the dispute.

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