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Dental Malpractice May Be Painfully Underreported

Written by Ankin Law Office

Dental malpractice cases are often unreported because patients may not understand how to report dental mistakes. Insurance companies that represent dentists do not release details about cases. The statute of limitations also limits the amount of time a victim has.

Victims of dental malpractice should report the incident and seek the advice of a qualified medical malpractice attorney. State regulators will examine the facts. If the dentist is at fault the dentist may face a fine, probation, or even a suspended license.

Claims Go Unreported

Many patients do not report dental issues for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Not understanding their options
  • Legal roadblocks
  • A culture of silence regarding mishaps and mistakes

Patients may not understand that reporting a problem is even a possibility. They may have no idea who to turn to in the event of a poor dental experience. Dental claims may be filed online at the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulations.

A qualified medical malpractice attorney can help navigate obstacles that may be present when facing a dental malpractice claim. Insurance companies work hard to protect the interests of dentists. Legal roadblocks should not prevent a victim from reporting a mistake or mishap.

Patients may also shrug away or excuse a mistake. It is important to report any incident that causes injury or undue pain so that there is a record of the event. Future unsuspecting patients might have been warned if only someone had spoken up. It is important that victims understand the statute of limitations and file a complaint as soon as possible.

The Numbers May Be Misleading

There is no precise number of cases for dental malpractice. Insurance companies in Illinois that handle such cases do not release any details about possible incidents. The American Dental Association, based in Chicago, presents a sunny scenario with few cases of dental malpractice.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services does maintain records concerning reported cases. There were over a thousand cases between 2004 and 2014 that resulted in adverse actions of medical malpractice payments in Illinois.

Dental Malpractice Should Be Reported

Patients who feel that they have not received quality dental care should report the dentist. The statute of limitations limits the time allowed for a claim to be filed. An experienced medical malpractice attorney can provide guidance when a dentist has not provided appropriate treatment.

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