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Peoria Personal Injury Attorneys

Let Us Help You Recover After an Accident

The injury attorneys at Ankin Law Office help victims in Peoria and Downstate Illinois recover compensation after car and truck crashes, motorcycle wrecks, slip and falls, and construction or work-related accidents upset their lives. Don’t let another party’s negligence threaten your financial future. Let us help you recover.

If you were hurt because of the negligence of someone else, call 312-600-0000 for your free consultation. 

Were You Hurt in a Car, Truck, or Motorcycle Accident in Peoria?

Motorcycle, car, and truck accidents are responsible for most personal injury lawsuits in Peoria. Distracted driving is the leading cause of crashes in Illinois, but DUI, reckless or speeding drivers, and defective roads and vehicles pose serious risks on Peoria roads as well. Unfortunately, when negligence causes a crash, innocent victims like you often suffer the most. 

serious crash

What to Expect After a Serious Crash

If you were hurt badly, you’ll likely need extensive medical treatment to help you recover after a crash. You may need multiple surgeries, expensive medications, and maybe even in-home care. You will probably be unable to work for a while, or maybe you’ll never be able to return to your job. And you’ll almost surely face uncooperative insurance companies who will try to minimize your injuries, deny your claim, or coerce you into accepting a settlement that is not nearly enough to cover your expenses. Meanwhile, the bills will continue to stack up. 

Without an experienced car accident lawyer on your side, recovering enough compensation to pay for your losses after a motor vehicle accident can be a challenge. Our Peoria accident lawyers understand how insurance companies work. We know what it takes to negotiate a fair settlement. And we’re not afraid to take your case to court if the insurance company refuses to pay. 

injury cases

Our Accident Lawyers Handle All Types of Injury Cases in Peoria

Motor vehicle accidents aren’t the only types of personal injury cases our Peoria lawyers handle. We also provide legal representation to victims of:


injured in peoria

What to Do if You Were Injured in Peoria

In the aftermath of an accident, it can be difficult to know what to say, what to do, or how to handle the insurance company. To help ensure your personal injury case is a success, follow these tips and let the accident lawyers at Ankin Law office handle the rest.

  • Do not make any statements to the insurance company without first speaking to our injury attorneys. Any statements you make can be used as evidence to deny fault and liability for the accident. 
  • Do not accept a settlement offer until you obtain legal advice. It is common for insurers to attempt to make victims believe that there is a standard formula that determines what your case is worth. This simply isn’t so. The court will use a variety of factors when determining the value of your case. 
  • Do not be afraid to file a personal injury lawsuit against the companies who are responsible for your injuries. Large trucking companies, stores, and big corporations will often try to intimidate injured victims, especially if they don’t know you have a team of accident lawyers on your side. 
  • Be sure to get medical treatment for your injuries right away – even if they don’t seem serious at first. Sometimes, the symptoms of severe injuries may not show up for days, or even weeks after a slip and fall, motor vehicle crash, or seemingly minor accident.  
  • Avoid signing anything until you’ve had a chance to speak with our injury lawyers. Oftentimes, insurers will request permission to review your medical records, only to use previous injuries against you in court. 
  • Take advantage of a free case evaluation with our personal injury attorneys. Even if your decide not to hire our team, you’ll get valuable advice that can help you win your case. 

Arm Yourself with the Knowledge and Experience of Our Injury Lawyers

Whether you are filing a personal injury lawsuit against another driver in a car accident or you’re suing a large corporation after defective product injuries or a slip and fall, chances are the other side will have a team of experienced attorneys fighting to minimize your claim. You’re not alone. 

Ankin Law office has been protecting the rights of accident victims in Peoria, Downstate Illinois, and Chicagoland since 1997.  When big companies and insurers try to strong-arm injured victims, our attorneys bring knowledge of the legal system, skilled litigators, and decades of experience to the table. And we win.