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Colleges Hid Sports Brain Injury Risks

Written by Ankin Law Office

Four class action complaints claim that three different college athletic conferences, along with the NCAA did an inadequate job protecting football players from injury. In recent years, the danger posed by certain sports for injuries like concussions have been a major focus of safety advocates.

Multiple Cases Filed

Similar cases, filed by former college football players, seek compensation for brain injuries that they say were cause by a disregard for the safety and health of students at Universities including Duke, Michigan, Ohio State and Tennessee.

Some athletes and their families believe that the risks of college sports, football in particular, were not communicated with players. In recent years, the general public has begun to understand just how dangerous it can be.

The Risks of Playing College Football

Football players have a higher risk of traumatic brain injury, life-altering medical issues and painkiller addiction. Players need not play for years to sustain these serious injuries. Many who have played for a short time have suffered from permanent physical, psychological or neurological damage.

Compounding the issue, some of these medical issues take months, or even years, to manifest. The longer a player is active, the higher the risk of injury becomes.

Sports-Related Injuries on the Rise

Football is not the only college sport that can be risky. Basketball, baseball, soccer and lacrosse also account for college sports-related injuries. The Centers for Disease Control report that ER visits have risen by around 60 percent over the past ten years and that about 170,000 brain injuries result from playing sports. What appears to be a minor bump on the head can actually be a concussion, and athletes should never be discouraged from seeking prompt medical care when an injury, no matter how seemingly minor, takes place.

Any serious injury, especial a traumatic brain injury, can lead to overwhelming medical expenses and can impact the future of an emerging college athlete. Emergency medical care, surgeries, hospital stays and surgeries can all be the result of an injury that occurs on the field or court.  A Chicago personal injury attorney can provide additional information on the process of seeking compensation for sports-related injuries. Sports injury victims may be entitled to compensation for medical costs, along with pain and suffering.

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