Chicagoans You Should Know

Howard recently visited the campaign headquarters of Bill Daley, one of the front runners in this year’s Chicago Mayoral election. Their conversation was candid and wide-ranging.

Ranging from his time working as Secretary of Commerce for President Clinton to Chief of Staff for President Obama, Bill discusses his unique experience and ideas to decrease crime, improve schools and raise revenue for the the city.

Bill Daley – a Chicagoan you should know!

Meet more Chicagoans you should know

Ankin Law Office is proud to be a part of our great Chicago community. Our city bustles with the energy from so many great neighborhoods. Its people, diverse in culture, religion, and ethnicity, work together to make our city thrive. We, at Ankin Law, feel strongly about recognizing leaders who add to the political, religious, business, artistic and athletic depth that makes Chicago such an attractive place to call home.

To that end, we hope to capture the personality and character of those who move the city forward. We hope you will enjoy these interviews and learn a little more about what makes Chicago so interesting.

Ozzie Guillen
Ozzie Guillen
Former baseball player and manager for the Chicago White Sox View Video
Andre Dawson
Andre Dawson
Former American professional baseball player View Video

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