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Injured at a Chicago Beach?

Written by Ankin Law Office

When hazards on land and in the water cause injuries at Chicago beaches, legal options may be available to help victims recover damages from negligent parties.

Staying Safe at the Beach

Whether having a family picnic,  playing in the sand, swimming offshore, or riding motorized watercraft, beach injuries can happen without warning.

Chicago beach accidents occur on land and in the water, often resulting in serious injuries and drowning deaths. Common beach injuries seen by Chicago injury lawyers include:

  • Cuts and lacerations from debris on the beach
  • Falls, broken bones, and abrasions caused by unsafe or poorly maintained equipment such as playground equipment, picnic tables and grills, and outdoor structures
  • Head trauma caused by jet skis, powerboats, and other motorized aquatic equipment
  • Neck and body injuries caused by surfing accidents
  • Drownings and near-drownings caused by rip currents and depth drop-offs

Chicago beaches without on-duty lifeguards pose serious dangers for swimmers, surfers, and people on motorized watercraft equipment, especially inexperienced swimmers and young children. Without properly trained lifeguards on duty, people in the water are much more likely to drown if they encounter a problem. If there are no warning signs posted for strong currents or dangerous drop-offs, swimmers caught in a rip current or deep area may not be able to reach the shore safely. Trained lifeguards provide rescue help, CPR and medical assistance, and calls for emergency vehicles when water and land injuries occur.

In Chicago, there are 27 beautiful beaches that offer a variety of outdoor activities each summer, but beachgoers must take safety measures to avoid injuries. Heat exhaustion, heat stroke, and sun poisoning can result from dehydration. Muscle sprains, neck injuries, and back injuries can result from strong waves. Head trauma and brain injuries can occur from surfing, jet ski, and boating collisions. Drowning deaths can occur from powerful rip currents and lack of life jackets and proper floatation devices.

Beach accidents and injuries are caused by a variety of circumstances, but negligence should not be one of them. Beachgoers who suffer injuries due to debris left on the beach, rusty picnic equipment, faulty rental equipment, lack of posted warnings, and untrained lifeguards can file personal injury claims to hold other parties liable for damages.

Categories: Personal Injury