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Are These 5 Items in Your Car’s Emergency Kit?

Written by Ankin Law Office

There are several key items that are vital to a car’s emergency kit, all of which can help vehicle owners stay prepared in the event of dangerous conditions, mechanical issues, or other unexpected circumstances. The following are the most important items to consider for a complete kit.

1. A Gallon of Water

One important item to keep in the car at all times is a gallon of either distilled or filtered water. Having enough water can help keep the driver and passengers hydrated if trapped within the vehicle for hours a time, or it can be useful to prevent the vehicle from overheating by pouring a small amount into the radiator.

2. A Blanket

Keeping a blanket in the car can give people some additional warmth if they become trapped in the car in cold weather and are unable to heat the vehicle. Blankets can also provide some comfort if maintenance is required, enabling individuals to more freely maneuver around and beneath the vehicle. Another purpose that a blanket might serve is to wrap a sick person or help stop the bleeding if someone sustains a serious injury.

3. Headlamps and Flashlights

If the vehicle ceases to function in the dark, having flashlights and headlamps available can make it easier to perform DIY repairs or diagnostics in the absence of professionals. With a headlamp, you can more freely use your arms to inspect the vehicle with plenty of light.

4. A Basic First Aid Kit

A first aid kit can also help provide some care in the event of an injury. A basic first aid kit might include gauze, alcohol pads, bandages or bandaids, medical tape, antibacterial ointments, and certain medications including antacid tablets or epinephrine. Kits can be helpful whether the driver or passengers need medical care, or if they encounter another person in need of assistance.

5. Nonperishable Foods

It can also help to have some snacks available to alleviate hunger while stranded in the car. Foods such as nuts, granola, dried fruit, beef jerky, candy, and other nonperishables can help while awaiting emergency services or simply while driving long distances between exits. Make sure all food items account for allergies that passengers might have.

Having all of these items can keep people prepared for nearly any situation. Whether merely inconvenienced or in a vehicle accident or another emergency, a complete kit could help ease the situation.