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Can Technology Help Prevent Trucking Accident Fatalities?

Written by Ankin Law Office

Inattentive drivers cause accidents every day. When a truck is involved, those accidents often result in heavy property damage, serious injuries or fatalities. Recent annual Illinois crash data shows that tractor trailers with semis were involved in accidents that caused 98 fatalities, 2,021 injuries, and 9,597 instances of property damage on Illinois roads alone. Some truckers cited exhaustion, inattentive driving, and distracted driving as reasons. Studies show the crash numbers would be reduced if those same inattentive drivers had vehicles equipped with the latest crash avoidance technology.

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Can technology help prevent trucking accidents infographic

Vehicle warning systems use cameras, sensors, and radar to look out for roadway dangers. When a system encounters a potentially dangerous situation, it warns the driver. Some technologies actively brake or steer the truck away from the situation. Auto manufacturers offer avoidance technologies as standard or optional equipment in private passenger cars. Some truck manufacturers offer them as well, but they can be costly. As a car accident attorney Chicago will explain, given a large truck’s potential for causing extensive damage and injuries, it’s time trucking manufacturers include avoidance technologies as standard equipment on all large trucks.

Crash Avoidance technologies work

Technology has been proven to prevent crashes. The National Transportation Safety Board included avoidance technologies in its “Most Wanted List of Transportation Safety Improvements 2016” A study by the International Institute for Highway Safety concluded that lane departure warning, stability control, forward collision warning, and side view assist could reduce the number of truck crashes by 28%.

Big trucks cause big damage

Weight is a big factor in large trucks accidents. A large empty truck weighs over 10,000. pounds. A government study estimated the average weight of a loaded tractor trailer rig as 80,000 pounds, 20 times the weight of a typical car. When a crash is about to happen, inattentive, distracted, or exhausted truck drivers don’t usually hit the brakes because they don’t realize there is a danger. With all of that weight traveling at highway speeds, a truck’s impact is severe. These factors combine to generate extensive damage, serious injuries, and fatalities. As the IIHS study explained, “Big rigs have the laws of physics on their side.”

Avoidance technology worth the cost

car accident attorney Chicago understands the issues from first-hand involvement with trucking accident victims. Given the road miles truckers log each year, the impact of the accidents and the severity of the injuries and damage, an investment in new technologies would be worth it, whatever the price.

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