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4 common motorcycle accident injuries

Written by Ankin Law Office

Effects of a motorcycle accident in Chicago

When a biker is involved in a motorcycle accident in Chicago, their entire lives are often turned upside down. Due to the lack of protection that a bike offers to its driver, accident injuries are often severe for motorcyclists. While each situation that leads to an accident may be unique, bikers often experience some of the same, common injuries during a collision or accident.

Head injuries

Head injuries are one of the most common ailments that motorcyclists face following an accident. They can include traumatic brain injury or an injury to the face. Brain injuries are especially dangerous, and may have severe, life-long consequences. Many accident victims with TBI face months and years of recuperation where they must re-learn how to do basic tasks such as talking, walking, toileting, and feeding themselves. In severe cases, even these tasks permanently elude patients.

Many states have passed laws requiring bikers to use helmets in an attempt to keep head injuries to a minimum. A study done by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration found that unhelmeted riders were more likely to experience a moderate to severe head or facial injury than their protected counterparts.

Spinal Injuries

The bones and nerves located in the spine are incredibly sensitive parts of the human body. When the trauma of a motorcycle accident occurs, the spine is very susceptible to injury. When these injuries happen, accident victims can have minor injuries to the discs or soft tissue that may heal over time, or they may be left paralyzed. Paralysis can involve the complete loss of control of motor functions from the neck down, or having more limited loss of function in the arms or legs. Patients with spinal cord injuries often require long-term care at assisted living facilities.

Broken bones

Motorcycles often lack safety features commonly found in other motor vehicles, so there is little to nothing there to help absorb any impact that bikers experience as the result of an accident. That leaves only a biker’s helmet, if they are wearing one, and their bones to suffer the effects of the force of a collision. This often results in severely shattered and fractured bones. These broken bones can cause further damage by tearing through neighboring tissue and organs, which in turn can lead to potentially fatal internal bleeding.

Road rash

One of the most common injuries from motorcycle accidents is termed road rash. This condition occurs when an accident victim’s skin is injured after being drug along road surfaces during an accident. Due to friction with the road surfaces or pavement, the external layers of the skin are rubbed off, which often results in abrasions, cuts and bruises along any exposed part of the body. Road rash can range in severity and deep scarring can occur.