Top Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation Centers in Illinois

Victims of traumatic brain injury often require life-long medical treatments and extensive therapy in top TBI rehabilitation centers in Illinois that specialize in brain and spinal cord damage. TBI Rehabilitation A traumatic brain injury can result in permanent damage to the brain and spinal cord that requires specialized rehabilitation. Since brain injuries affect so many […]

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Police Code of Silence: Is Chicago Liable for Injuries?

The code of silence among police officers is enforced to create a bond of solidarity, but it often results in financial liability when injuries occur. Dangers of a Police Code of Silence When the police code of silence perpetrates injury on innocent victims, or in some cases criminals, city officials may pay the price. The […]

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How to Settle An Accident Claim Without An Attorney

Victims may be able to settle accident claims without a lawyer in some cases, but when liability or the value of the claim is disputed, they generally must have the time, financial ability, legal knowledge, and resources available to prove their case. Otherwise, they may be forced to accept less than their lost wages, medical […]

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Should You Be Afraid to Report Workplace Injuries?

Employees should not be afraid to report workplace injuries or hazardous conditions. The Occupational Safety and Health Act prohibits employer retaliation against employees who report workplace violations or file work injury claims. OSHA regulations mandate workplace safety for all employees. Workplace Protections OSHA’s Whistleblower Protection Program protects employees from retaliation for reporting violations of workplace […]

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