Need a Lawyer Who Speaks Spanish?

Spanish-speaking injury victims need a lawyer who speaks Spanish to ensure accurate communication between between the client and Chicago lawyer. Language Barriers Can Impact a Case When an injury victim only speaks Spanish or limited English, a Spanish-speaking lawyer is essential to ensure accurate communication. A lawyer who speaks both English and Spanish can act […]

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Electrocution Signs and Symptoms

When a workplace electrocution occurs, a variety of signs and symptoms may indicate the presence of neurological, psychological, and physical injuries. Shocked on the Job Workers who survive electrocution may face various symptoms that range from mild to severe. External signs of electrocution, like burns, are usually obvious. The symptoms of long-term, internal damage may […]

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How Much Weight Should An Apartment Balcony Support?

The maximum weight load for an apartment balcony is determined by the size of the balcony, the building material used, and the type of structural supports, according to city building code regulations. Balcony Collapse Dangers Chicago building codes enforce minimum and maximum weight loads for balconies, porches, and decks used for public structures, including apartment […]

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How to Get the Most out of Your Truck Accident Claim

Victims of trucking accidents often suffer severe injuries and disabilities that require long-term medical care, so maximizing compensation for an injury claim will ensure better treatment and faster recovery. Maximizing a Truck Accident Claim After a trucking accident, taking certain actions to support an injury claim can maximize compensation for damages. Many commercial trucking accidents […]

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