Who Is Liable for Hazing Injuries?

In most injury cases that involve hazing, liability is placed on the fraternity and/or its individual members that participated in the hazing practice, rather than the college or university where the injury occurred. Over the last decade, rising injuries caused by college binge drinking and fraternity hazing practices have lead to an increasing number of […]

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Sophomores or Seniors: Who Are the Safest Drivers?

Teen drivers typically gain driving skill and confidence with age and experience, but senior teens between ages 17 and 19 are more likely to test the boundaries of safe driving practices than younger teens. Teenage Driving Safety A 2017 Teen Driving Study of 2,800 high school teens shows that seniors exhibit riskier driving habits than […]

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Surgery Centers Are Risking Lives to Boost Profits

According to health news reports by USA Today, surgery centers are cutting costs to boost profits, leading to many patient fatalities. Investigations have revealed dangerous conditions contributing to many patient deaths in surgery centers across the country. Reports highlight numerous operations performed in these non-hospital facilities that have resulted in death. The Dangers of Surgery […]

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Is Your Workplace Making You Sick? [infographic]

Many jobs in indoor office environments, medical fields, and public service industries pose greater health risks than outdoor jobs that are considered dangerous. (Article continues below infographic) ______ Workers’ Health at Risk Some of America’s most unhealthy jobs occur in workplaces where daily tasks are considered safe and routine. The U.S. Department of Labor used […]

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