Are Smart Watches Putting Kids’ Safety at Risk?

Smartwatches with internet-enabled GPS tracking devices can put children at risk due to security flaws, unreliable emergency features, and poor privacy protections. These devices can be easily hacked, enabling strangers with basic technical knowledge to access sensitive information about kids and even contact them directly, endangering the safety of child wearers. Manufacturers and distributors can […]

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A Surprising Number of Hazards May Be Present in Your Office

Office workers are exposed to a number of workplace hazards like slip and fall accidents, ergonomic hazards, electrical fires, poor indoor air quality and other dangers that result in tens of thousands of work-related injuries and illnesses every year. In 2016, about 78 workers lost their lives to occupational injuries and illnesses in office environments […]

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Most Dangerous Places to Drive in Chicago [infographic]

Chicago areas with high levels of economic hardship have more than three times the number of fatalities from car crashes per capita as those with low economic hardship. Through innovation, teamwork, education and the enforcement of traffic laws, it is hoped that a significant reduction in traffic hazards in the most dangerous places to drive […]

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Uncovering the Truth: Accident Reconstruction

Accident reconstruction is commonly performed using advanced technology, collision simulation software, and physical evidence to determine what caused a motor vehicle accident. Reconstruction evaluates pre-impact circumstances and post-impact data to determine who is at fault for the accident and any injuries that result from the crash. Without thorough investigation and reconstruction, it would be difficult […]

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