Roadside Workers at Risk

U.S. roadside workers are exposed to hazardous workplace conditions that put them at high risk of serious injury and death. Each year, thousands of roadside workers are injured or killed while performing their jobs. Working Beside the Roadway is a High-Risk Job In the U.S., over 20,000 roadside workers suffer on-the-job injuries or fatalities while […]

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The Tragic Consequences of Lead Exposure

Lead exposure has toxic effects on many parts of the body and contributes to serious health problems. Prolonged exposure often leads to permanent injuries, disabilities, and even death. Lead Exposure and Toxicity Lead, a common metal found on the ground, has a high toxicity level. The widespread use of lead and human exposure has caused […]

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Opioid Impairment Is Driving Traffic Fatalities [infographic]

Over the last two decades, fatally injured drivers who tested positive for opioids rose by 700 percent. Fatal accidents caused by opioid impairment are a major concern for vehicle safety and law enforcement agencies around the country. (Article continues below infographic) The Prescription Opioid Epidemic According to a recent study published in the American Journal […]

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Why Finding Your Physician’s Disciplinary History Is So Hard

Physicians are not required to inform their patients that they are on probation for unethical conduct or medical errors that result in disciplinary actions. Most databases that contain this important information are either nearly impossible for the public to access or not comprehensive. This can make finding out a physician’s disciplinary history difficult for patients. […]

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