Flight Attendants Face a New Safety Threat: Angry Passengers

The increasing number of in-flight injuries caused by angry passengers is a growing concern. Over the past year, flight attendants and passengers have suffered serious injuries due to angry, out-of-control passengers who take their aggression out on people on the plane. Angry Passengers are Causing Safety Concerns In-flight injuries are a growing problem. The FAA […]

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Aging Truck Drivers Face Medical Conditions that Reduce Roadway Safety

Aging commercial truck drivers face medical conditions that create safety hazards for themselves and other drivers. The physical and mental exhaustion associated with trucking can negatively impact many age-related conditions. Age-Related Medical Conditions that Impact Safety Driving a large commercial truck requires long hours and often heavy lifting for loading and unloading. The job can […]

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Delivering the Mail can be a Dangerous Job [Infographic]

According to the USPS, postal workers suffer more than 5,000 injuries from dog bites and attacks every year. Studies show that postal workers who deliver the mail rank third for the most reported dog bites and attacks. (Article continues below infographic) Dog Bites and Attacks Make Their Mark In 2016, there were over 6,700 postal […]

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Why Sitting in Back Isn’t So Safe

In a car crash, sitting in the back seat can be more dangerous than sitting in the front seat. Recent studies show that backseat passengers are 46 percent more likely to die in motor vehicle accidents than front seat drivers and passengers. Why is the Back Seat So Dangerous? Over the past decade, front seat […]

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