Who’s Liable for Accidents Caused by Medical Emergencies Behind the Wheel?

When a car accident occurs because of an unforeseen medical emergency behind the wheel, a driver can assert a “sudden medical emergency defense.” This defense relieves a driver of negligent liability and personal injury claims filed through an auto accident lawyer. (Article continues below Infographic) What is a Sudden Medical Emergency Defense? The rationale for […]

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The Causes and Impact of Nerve Damage

Nerve damage can significantly impact every aspect of a person’s life. It can limit their range of motion and hinder their ability to breathe. While some nerve damage is reversible and can be treated, the more severe the damage, the greater the likelihood that the damage will be permanent. In all cases, known or suspected […]

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Does Workers’ Comp Cover Injuries that do Not Occur at the Job Site?

Under Illinois workers’ compensation laws, an employer may be held liable for injuries that occur outside of the workplace, depending on the circumstances surrounding the injury. Workers’ Compensation Law The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act states that an employer can be held legally liable for an injury that “arises out of and in the course of […]

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Safe Spherical Tires of the Future: Levitation, Sensors and Biomimicry

The old saying goes “don’t reinvent the wheel,” but Goodyear has done just that. The 118-year-old company has created a spherical, levitation-mounted, sensor-monitored, biomimicry-designed concept tire that, in theory, could someday play a significant role in reducing car accidents. The company wants to improve on the wheel because it knows the profound effect tires have […]

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