Driverless Vehicles: Automotive, Technology, Ride-hailing Guild to Share $77B

Automotive manufacturing giants are partnering with, investing in and acquiring key technology companies as ride-hailing and car-sharing companies are joining them, creating three-fold power-guilds in the autonomous vehicle industry. Separately, they cannot garner the lion’s share of an autonomous vehicle market projected to reach $77 billion by 2035. Together, they are poised to set the […]

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Common Causes of Workers’ Compensation Denials

Despite meritorious claims, workers are denied benefits through workers’ compensation every day. Employers and their insurance carriers have a vested interest in denying as many claims as possible to avoid having to pay large payouts. Some reasons employers may deny workers’ compensation claims include: (Article continues below Infographic)  Injury Was Not Reported Soon Enough One […]

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The Spectrum of Impaired Driving: Prescription Drugs to Alcohol

Driving under the influence is intimately connected in popular consciousness with drinking and driving. However, impaired driving runs the gamut from legitimate prescriptions and insufficient sleep to illegal narcotics and alcohol. Many people are involved in an impaired driving accident because they did not appreciate the nature of their impairment and how it could influence […]

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Fatal Flaws That Cause Automobile Accidents

Whether it is a tire that is worn and causes a vehicle to spin out of control, or a safety belt that fails to secure a passenger, faulty automotive parts can cause accidents and cost lives. Nationwide it is estimated that mechanical failures are a factor in 13% of all automobile accidents. Depending on the […]

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