Discovering Fault When Multiple Parties Are to Blame for a Car Accident

For car accidents involving multiple parties, the court must use the legal concept of “joint and several liability,” also called “all sums,” to figure out fault allocation. For a lawyer car accident injury cases of this type require an anticipation of that calculation of liability. For the injured plaintiff, the process can become quite complicated. […]

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Medical Malpractice in An Emergency

Emergency medical situations often require immediate decisions and quick responses that can lead to misdiagnosis, medication errors, mismanagement of medical tests and other acts that often exacerbate a patient’s current condition or cause a completely new medical issue. In some cases, significant injury, illness or death is a result.

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Car Accidents On The Rise

According to data collected by the Illinois Department of Transportation, the rate of car crashes and fatalities is steadily increasing. In 2013, there were 782 motor vehicle accidents per day, the highest on record since 2008. Safety experts blame a variety of factors for the increase in fatalities including lower gas prices and an improving economy which encourages more people to drive.

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Is Air Travel Still Safe?

With so many airline crashes in the news, one has to wonder if it’s safe to fly anymore. Despite the threat of terrorist attacks, bombs and mid-air explosions, the International Air Transport Association assures passengers around the globe that air travel is still safe. According to recent data, 2015 was a safer year for air […]

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Tesla Crash Raises Questions About Accident Liability

Federal investigators revealed that a fatal accident involving a Tesla self-driving vehicle and a semi-truck occurred while the Tesla was under computer control. The fatal accident happened in Williston, Florida when the Tesla failed to brake after a semi-truck turned in front of the car. The crash raises questions about reliance on driving technology. After […]

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Five Common Injuries that Occur in Auto Accidents

According to statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there are five types of injuries that commonly occur from auto accidents. In Illinois accidents, an auto accident lawyer Chicago often represents clients who sustain one or all of these common injuries in a single accident.

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