The Causes and Impact of Nerve Damage

Nerve damage can significantly impact every aspect of a person's life. It can limit their range of motion and hinder their ability to breathe. While some nerve damage is reversible and can be... Read More

When You Want the Best Car Accident Attorney

The number of automobile accidents and the rates of injuries and fatalities are on the rise throughout the country. When a driver, passenger, or pedestrian are involved in an automobile accident, it is important to retain a lawyer who understands and knows the most effective way to apply Illinois law when bringing a car accident claim to court. The Importance of Hiring the...
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Driverless Vehicles: Automotive, Technology, Ride-hailing Guild to Share $77B

Automotive manufacturing giants are partnering with, investing in and acquiring key technology companies as ride-hailing and car-sharing companies are joining them, creating three-fold power-guilds in the autonomous vehicle industry. Separately, they cannot garner the lion's share of an autonomous vehicle market projected to reach $77 billion by 2035. Together, they are poised...
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The Spectrum of Impaired Driving: Prescription Drugs to Alcohol

Driving under the influence is intimately connected in popular consciousness with drinking and driving. However, impaired driving runs the gamut from legitimate prescriptions and insufficient sleep to illegal narcotics and alcohol. Many people are involved in an impaired driving accident because they did not appreciate the nature of their impairment and how it could influence...
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Are Your Household Cleaning Products Filled with Dangerous Chemicals?

Many common household cleaning products contain dangerous chemicals that can cause a variety of illnesses and injuries. A Chicago personal injury attorney often sees injury claims for skin rashes, respiratory problems, and chemical burns caused by household cleaning products. (Article continues below Infographic) The Dangers of Household Cleaning Products Every year...
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How to Document Your Personal Injuries

Documenting personal injuries is an essential process when pursuing a personal injury claim. This involves recording the injury itself, the expenses that have resulted from it, and the impact on the individual's life and work that the injury has caused. It is a process that should begin the moment the injury takes place. (Article continues below...
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Illinois Health Club Injuries

Health club injuries can range from minor sprains and pulled muscles to serious slip and fall injuries. With exercise equipment and heavy lifting, health club injuries are common, so most Illinois clubs have liability waivers in their contracts to protect against potential lawsuits with a Chicago injury lawyer. Thousands of people are hurt each year in gyms and health clubs...
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Accidental Shootings On The Rise In Chicago

Accidental gun violence is becoming an epidemic in the United States, leading to more than 7700 injuries between 2001 and 2010. Victims of accidental gunshots may pursue compensation for their injuries with the help of an accident lawyer. Gun owners are exposed to liability in three ways. Failure To Secure The Weapon Illinois gun laws make it a crime for a gun owner to...
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Jet Bridges Can Be a Gateway to a Serious Injury

Jet bridges provide a gateway to the world that millions of people every day walk across. While these seemingly innocuous pieces of machinery appear safe, they are in fact some of the most dangerous places travelers or airline workers will traverse in the course of their journey. These jet bridges pose a very real danger of serious injury or death. The bridge and the stairs...
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Social Security Disabilty Insurance Helping More Americans

Eased restrictions and increased classifications within the SSDI program are making it possible for more Americans to receive the benefits they need to survive. Since changes were made in the early 1980's, the program has expanded to include a number of disabling conditions that make it difficult for workers to stay in the workplace. It is estimated that just over 1 in 4...
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